Launch Management Post-Launch Strategies You Need To Know

Implementing these post-launch strategies will improve your launch management guaranteed. You first must understand what the post-launch period is and how you can capitalize on it. You also need to understand how to analyze your launch after you close the cart and collect and organize your launch data. Lastly once you’ve closed the cart and you enter into your post-launch stage you want to make sure you’re collecting proof right away from your customers who are quick to implement.

What Is the Post-Launch Phase and How Can It Improve My Launch Management

The post-launch is the period that is right after you close the shopping cart to your product or service at the end of your launch. Most business owners seriously underutilize this time to properly gather information and the launch analytics so they can improve on their systems and prepare for their next launch.

4 Critical Areas to Analyze Your Product Launch

There are 4 critical areas you want to focus on during your post-launch phase. The first one is that you are delivering the product or service as promised and that the customers are happy. You can do this by including surveys throughout your product or service or refer them to an email to send in their comments.

Next you want to make sure you are documenting your launch metrics. Such things you want to document are your opt-in rates throughout your launch for each segment of the launch. Also you want to document the interaction you have with your target market during the launch. You want to document the conversions from lead to sale and who they came from.

You also want to determine why the new customers purchased. Was it because of a bonus, was it a partners offer to compliment your offer, was it the product or service itself? Also, look at why prospects didn’t buy. Send them a survey, ask them whey they didn’t buy. Go out into the community and find any discussions about your offer and see if there are any conversations as to why people decided not to buy.

Lastly, compare the end results to the established launch goals. This will give you an overall look at your launch plus you can check to see what areas you missed the target and what areas you hit. Did you follow the original plan? Did you adjust and if so, was it for the better or for the worse. These are all questions that will be helpful to you when you go to launch your product or service again. You can take this data and show it to your other partners and give them an idea on how well your offer converted before. With this data they can make better business decisions as to whether they want to promote your product or service.

Collecting Reviews and Testimonials Of Your Product or Service

Once you have started the launch, you want to immediately start collecting testimonials. You will start to get them before you are even finished with the launch. This is great because you can utilize it as part of the launch. However, when the cart is closed now is the time to really dig in and start to collect feedback from your new customers.

Send a survey and give a reward to those who have submitted answers. Make sure they should know that it does not matter whether the response is in your favor or not, you sincerely want their honest and objective feedback so you can improve upon your product or service where needed or you can really work with what they like.

Go to the social landscape and ask the market as a whole. Use your blog, any forums you have been part of, social media and emails. You should use every resource of communication possible to collect as much feedback as possible and make sure to reward those who are taking their time to give you this invaluable information.

Understanding the Post Launch

So now you have a better understanding of the strategies and post-launch methods you can utilize in your next product launch event. You can watch to see that most if not all of your competitors do not utilize their post-launch period to really gather useful information. Remember to analyze your happy customers, your conversion metrics, why your customers purchased and why other didn’t and lastly review your launch goals and line up your actual with your goals. As you do this you will be collecting testimonials and you can start putting together the information you will need for any launches of this product or service later down the road.

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